Modern living has us spending more and more time inside. While we’ve done a great job of making our indoor living and workspaces more comfortable, the quality of our air in these spaces is pretty poor. Molds and bacterias that naturally grow in our homes, in addition to the pollutants we track in on our shoes and those from the air outside, infiltrate our indoor spaces and can lead to a host of negative health effects. For some, this can aggravate their existing health issues, like asthma and allergies, and for others, they can develop a health condition after long-term exposure to indoor air pollution. If you feel that the indoor air quality of your Seattle or Federal Way home or business is having a negative impact on your health, call Now Environmental Services Inc. today to schedule your indoor air quality testing.

  1. Indoor Air Quality and Pregnancy

    Bringing a child into this world is one of the most incredible wonders in life and it is crucial to do everything in your power to carry out a healthy pregnancy. From routine doctor visits, taking prenatal vitamins, living a healthy lifestyle, and the like; you’ve followed all of the guidelines and tips to ensure that your baby is being taken care of in the womb. While abstaining from drinking a…Read More