No matter the concentration, mold is an unhealthy visitor in your home. Some are more toxic than others, but all molds can have a negative impact on your health. From allergies to respiratory tract infections, mold can make us sick and miserable. In places like Federal Way, where it’s rainy and moist throughout the year, mold is an ever-present threat to our work and living spaces. That’s why it’s important to arrange for regular mold testing with Now Environmental Services Inc. Our team members use the latest testing and sampling techniques to help you identify the presence of mold in your home, and offer insights in how to clean up the areas with mold, or even provide our mold remediation services. Call us today for a free over-the-phone consultation.

  1. Got Mold? We Can Help!

    NOW Environmental is a Certified Mold Assessment Consultant and member of the Indoor Quality Association (IAQA) Located in Federal Way, WA, we are available for emergency mold inspections and laboratory analysis 24/7. We currently are offering asbestos training in addition to our mold and asbestos testing services. Contact us today for details!…Read More