Whether you’re moving into a new home or cleaning up your old one, it’s important to test for mold in your home. Mold can aggravate our existing health concerns and even lead to new ones if not properly addressed. If you’re experiencing health issues that you haven’t experienced in the past, you may be suffering from the effects of mold growth in your home. To find out, call Now Environmental Services Inc. for our comprehensive mold testing services in Seattle. Using cutting-edge testing and sampling techniques, we can identify any molds in your home, and offer our remediation services to clear them out of your home. Call now for your free over-the-phone consultation, and to arrange for your mold testing.

  1. 5 Signs That There Is Mold In Your Home

    If you’ve kept track of our blog, you know that mold is a harmful presence in your home. Because they are so rainy and moist, Seattle and Federal Way are especially prone to developing mold in homes and businesses. Mold can cause numerous health concerns and aggravate existing health issues. But even though mold is a prevalent issue in Washington homes, it can sometimes be difficult to spot the …Read More

  2. Rebuilding after a Flood

    A major issue that is about to be addressed in the media is mold. This is due to the hurricane in Houston with estimates as high as 40 thousand homes destroyed the area, there is going to be a lot of mold to deal with. Mold will grow quickly once the waters recede and the drywall is exposed. This will more than likely be an incredibly devastating time for those affected by the floods. Not just bec…Read More

  3. Plants As Air Purifiers

    Plants are the quintessential equalizer for our environment. They are a bachelor's ideal pet. They only need water and a little sunshine and they will thrive. They can't run away and they don't have separation anxiety. The plant is the perfect decoration and it makes you feel like you are taking care of something bigger than yourself. Plants also are natural pollution eliminators and that may be t…Read More

  4. Indoor Air Quality

    There is a quiet menace hiding among many homes in the Seattle area. Sometimes you can see it, other times you can smell it and others, you can even taste it. The threat is so great that it can cause illnesses such as cancer and asthma. May times, we are completely unaware that any sort of danger is lurking inside of our homes and businesses, that is until disaster strikes. That threat is indoor a…Read More

  5. What to do if you think you have a mold problem

    If you can see mold…you have a problem. But what if you can’t see it?  NOW Environmental services offers a very comprehensive Indoor Air Quality investigation that will sniff out mold even behind walls. We offer the only composite home air quality assessment and mold testing in the Seattle and Tacoma area. So what does this test do? Monitors for 400+ airborne chemicals and hiddenmold growth w…Read More