Because Seattle and Federal Way are so rainy and moist, this means that homes and businesses in the area are more prone to mold growth than drier areas. Mold in these spaces can negatively impact the indoor air quality of your work and living spaces. Mold growth can affect your health and lead to issues and health concerns. Fortunately, Now Environmental Services Inc. is here to help. We are Certified Mold Assessment Consultants, and members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, ensuring that we use the latest testing and sampling techniques to check for mold in your home. We can help by offering our mold remediation process as well. Call today to find out more.

  1. Mold and Its Health Effects, Part 2

    Sure, mold isn’t all bad. It’s beneficial to our ecosystem by breaking down dead substances such as leaves and trees and depositing them back into the environment. If you like mushrooms on your pizza, that’s a species of mold. And who could forget the wonder drug, penicillin? Yet, for all the good mold has contributed, no one finds a patch of dark green fungus dwelling in their bathroom and …Read More

  2. Mold and Its Effects, Part 1

    In the damp, dark shadows of your home lurks a quiet threat that has been present on this planet for millions of years. As long as there is some moisture, it can survive on almost any surface. While you may catch a slight hint of its musty, mildewy smell, it prides itself on its ability to remain unnoticed. All the while, it pollutes the quality of your air, slowly getting you and your family or c…Read More

  3. What Else Do We Do at NOW Environmental Services? Mold!

    It is the bane of every bachelor, because it seems to grow on leftovers, strangely however, not pizza. It is what makes that well intentioned fruit you bought two months ago, end up in the trash. Thats right it is everyone’s favorite antibiotic, mold! Well maybe not, because all of the molds that I described above are fairly benign. Yes they can get you sick but not in the same capacity as the d…Read More