This is the ideal course for roofing & flooring companies wishing to remove a single ACM material that is not Friable or TSI.

We hold this Class II version of our Asbestos Worker Training training monthly; we can also present this course, on any available dates, at your facility. If you would like to have the course pre at your location Contact the training department for scheduling.  If you would like to enroll in one of our monthly courses use the reserve button below or click here.

OSHA Class II training covers the removal of ACM in non-thermal system insulation, including, but not limited to, wallboards, tile and roof shingles. Our training covers several concepts, including asbestos identification, health effects and protective controls. Students learn the content and requirements of the asbestos standard, medical surveillance program requirements; how to read legends on signs and labels, in addition to posting signs and labels. Training requirements include a minimum of eight hours of instruction and hands-on activities. There is no official requirement for the duration of refresher courses.

Please contact our office for class information and payment structure.

(253) 927-5233